Protect your commercial roof with thorough gutter maintenance

Gutter maintenance is highly important within any commercial or industrial building, as it allows your roof to correctly drain water, which prevents further damage to your gutters and subsequently your roof. 

Guttering is the first line of defence for protecting the investment in your commercial building. When a gutter becomes blocked or damaged, the longer it is left untreated, the more issues it can cause. 

Gutter Damage

Without ongoing gutter maintenance, any build-up of dirt, leaves and water will add extra weight to your gutters. If untreated, this build-up will cause damage to your gutters which could have been prevented by maintenance. This will result in requiring new gutters and a large, one-off cost. 


With broken gutters, the water must then find an alternative route off your roof. This often means the water will gather in available spaces, which can lead to dampness in your building. 

Structural Damage

If gutters remain unmaintained for a long period of time, water can begin to cause damage to the foundations of your building. This can lead to major structural issues which can be incredibly challenging to overcome, as well as a high cost to your business, both financially and in terms of affecting your operations through potential shutdown. 

Our RoofCare system allows you to avoid all of these issues by using remote monitoring technology and our drainage management software, to continually analyse the performance of your gutter drainage, alerting you to any drainage problems instantly. 

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4 Tips For Commercial Gutter Maintenance

To ensure that your gutters remain fully functional, follow these 4 useful tips: 

  • Make sure to carry out regular inspections for all guttering, particularly following heavy rain or adverse weather conditions. Look out for any build-up of debris such as leaves and branches
  • If your building has trees lined around it, make sure to regularly assess the growth of the trees and always trim them back at least 1 metre away from your roof and gutters
  • Regularly clean your gutter and drain systems to avoid any build-up of mould or mildew
  • Carry out assessments of the water flow within your guttering systems to check that everything flows correctly

Whilst maintaining your commercial gutters can be challenging and expensive - our RoofCare system allows you to continually monitor your gutter performance around the clock, which means that any issues can be dealt with as they occur, avoiding any longevity and further problems. 

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Preventing Commercial Gutter Leaks

Preventing commercial gutter leaks and damage to your roof can be challenging and expensive. 

Typically, gutter specialists will recommend that you organise two routine inspections per year - but what if an issue arises straight after your inspection? What if a change in weather causes a problem that you may not be aware of until it’s too late? 

With our RoofCare system, we provide 24/7 analysis to track your gutter drainage performance and to alert you of any potential leaks, allowing you to protect your investment around the clock. 

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Introducing RoofCare…

Here at RoofCare we believe there is a better way. With our eyes on your roofs you can reduce avoidable costs, manage risk and extend the life of your roofs.

Our revolutionary RoofCare System combines remote monitoring technology with drainage management software and roofing expertise from the UK’s leading roof maintenance providers.

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