At RoofCare we believe that there is a better way to deal with roof maintenance. With our new RoofCare solution you have eyes on your roofs 24/7 helping you to ...

  • Prevent costly damage

  • Manage risk

  • Extend the life of your roofs

Our RoofCare System

Our revolutionary new RoofCare solution combines ultrasonic remote monitoring technology, with state of the art roof management software giving you access to gutter performance data which helps you prevent leaks and optimise your cleaning schedule.

The RoofCare system follows a four-stage process - analyse, diagnose, alert and plan - which provides protection across an entire roof portfolio and enables quick and easy monitoring of your roofs.


Gutter drainage performance

As data is gathered, a clear picture of gutter performance emerges to enable analysis and understanding of your drainage system functionality.



Existing problems

The analysis of performance data can help to identify the underlying problems that can lead to gutter and roof fabric failure and potential water ingress.


You to potential leaks

Predefined conditions and alerts provide early warnings of potential leaks to allow you to take preventative action.


Evidence based maintenance programs

Historic data informs and allows effective planning of roof maintenance, helping you to avoid drainage problems and potential water ingress now and in the future.

…across your entire roof portfolio

Our RoofCare solution gives you visibility across your entire roof portfolio through real-time condition records, allowing you to monitor your estate quickly and easily.


Ideal solution for a range of sectors

Whether your buildings contain people, stock, valuable equipment or data, RoofCare offers your business protection by avoiding costly leaks and building damage through 24/7 monitoring.

RoofCare sectors

Ideal solution for high-risk sectors and complex roofs

If your business operates within a high-risk sector or you’re at risk of penalties due to loss of operations, such as Private Finance Initiative or Public Private Partnership properties, our RoofCare system can alert you to issues that you wouldn’t previously be aware of - helping you to avoid downtime, costs and fines.

Our RoofCare system is also the perfect solution for roofs with difficult access or within city spaces. If you’re situated in an area where permits and additional health and safety considerations are required to access your roof, or you have to complete statutory compliance checks on your properties, our RoofCare system allows you to have eyes on your roofs 24/7 so you only need to access your roofs when absolutely necessary.

Ideal for a range of roof types

The RoofCare system is suitable for installation on most industrial and commercial buildings, including:

  • Pitched metal roof
  • Flat roof
  • Slate roof
  • Standing seam roof
  • Tile roof
  • Asbestos roof

Ideal for any roof maintenance model

Whether building owners or facilities managers employ a planned predictive maintenance regime or reactive strategy, our RoofCare system significantly enhances either approach.

Available on a flexbile subscription basis, RoofCare can be delivered through in-house facilities management or via third party maintenance specialists.

Our system can be easily integrated into your CAFM software or can function as a stand-alone system.

Maintenance with Intelligence®

With our eyes on your roof you can reduce avoidable costs, manage risk and extend the life of your roof.

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