Your roofs are one of the most critical parts of your buildings. They provide year-round protection against the elements - so it's vital to have an effective roof maintenance strategy.

Our RoofCare system plays an integral part in any roof maintenance strategy, bringing a wealth of data and analysis to assist with intelligent maintenance programmes that ultimately save money and time.

Save on Costs

Avoid small issues from snowballing into large unexpected roof repair costs by continually monitoring your gutter drainage performance and proactively responding to issues which wouldn’t previously be seen. With our eyes on your roofs, our RoofCare system enables you to only carry our works when necessary, saving you time and money. 

Save on costs
Enable budget surety

Enable Budget Certainty

Avoid the high capital cost of roof replacements or damage to your business by mitigating roof leaks through 24/7 monitoring of your roof - enabling budget certainty and the stability of other capital projects you may have planned by avoiding unexpected costs.

Gainshare Opportunity

When clients and Facilities Management businesses are operating in an environment where Gainshare plays an important role RoofCare can provide an opportunity to create shared savings.

Extend the lifecycle of your roofs

Extend the Life Cycle of Your Roofs

A new roof requires a large, one off investment - with our eyes on your roof, you can extend the life of your roof and optimise your investment, through 24/7 monitoring and a proactive approach to roof maintenance.

Minimise Downtime to Your Business

Issues with your roof can not only lead to large costs in repairs, but ruined stock, temporary closures and downtime. Our revolutionary system allows you to mitigate problems and deal with issues as soon as they arise, which allows you to minimise downtime to your business.

Minimise downtime to your business
24/7 visibility and monitoring of your roofs

24/7 Visibility and Monitoring of Your Roofs

Our RoofCare system features three integral cameras, so that you’ll have 24/7 visibility of your roofs. With our roof management software you can look back and view historical recordings as well as watch your live feed to assess any potential issues with your roof.

Minimise Health & Safety Risks

Keep people off your roof unless completely necessary with our RoofCare system.

Minimise health and safety risks
RoofCare Group

Maintenance with Intelligence®

With our eyes on your roof you can reduce avoidable costs, manage risk and extend the life of your roof.

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