Every year thousands of businesses count the cost of roof leaks. Roof leaks can cause significant damage to your property and stock, disrupt your operations and incur huge costs.

  • commerical buildings in the UK suffer roof leaks every year

  • annual cost to business in damage and disruption

Source: Association of British Insurers, 2019

Here at RoofCare we consider that roof leaks occur for three principal reasons;

  • Roof Fabric Deterioration

  • Inadequate Drainage Performance

  • Poor Maintenance

As a result of roof fabric deterioration and poor maintenance, debris build-up can occur. This results in blockages, reduced drainage capacity and over time will compromise waterproofing and reduce the life of your roofs.

Gutter topping out

Changing weather patterns also have an impact. Rainfall from extremely wet days has increased by around 17%.

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